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Academic Opportunities Academy exists to serve students who have not been successful in a traditional public or private school. We offer an individualized, self-paced, mastery learning curriculum. We are very patient with all students. We encourage and nurture student responsibility and excellent work ethics. 

Initially we test each student to determine what they know and don't know. Next we fill in all of the student's learning gaps. Then we work on moving forward beyond the student's current grade level. Most countries in the world are at least one grade level ahead of American students.

Academic Opportunities Academy prides itself on being a safe and effective learning environment for all our students. We do not accept or keep students who are discipline problems. All students who are enrolled are expected to exhibit excellent behavior and character at all times.

Academic Opportunities Academy offers tutorial services, and after school homework assistance.

Academic Opportunities Academy offers G.E.D., ASVAB and Acuplacer test preparation for adult learners from 6:00 PMto 8:00 PM Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

We offer discounts to families who enroll more than one student.